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claudia schiffer



25 August 1970
(age 38)

Dusseldorf, Germany


Best Known As
Teutonic supermodel for Guess Jeans

Claudia Schiffer was the best-known blonde model in the world for a time in the 1990s. Like Anna Nicole Smith, Schiffer got her first American exposure as a Big Blonde in glossy print ads for Guess Jeans. Unlike Smith, Schiffer parlayed her appearances into a career as a top print model. Her classic German looks and classic German business savvy made her an international star, and in 2006 Schiffer began as the public face of a national economic campaign called Germany -- Land of Ideas.

Extra credit : Schiffer was the longtime girlfriend and fiancee of glam magician David Copperfield; the two broke up in 1999. She married film producer Matthew Vaughn in 2002; their son Caspar was born in 2003, and daughter Clementine was born in 2004.


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