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Izabel Goulart


Nicknames: Iza / The Comedienne / The Babe

Height: 5'9.5"

Righty or Lefty: Righty

Birthdate: October 23

Middle Name: Izabel (Maria is her birth name)

Hometown: So Carlos, So Paulo, Brazil

Current Home: Midtown, New York City

Siblings: Five brothers, one sister

Interests: Bowling, tennis, basketball, cooking

Secret Indulgence: Hanging out on the beach in Brazil

Discovered: While shopping for groceries with her mother, a hairstylist suggested she should become a model. She moved to the state's capital, So Paulo, and did just that.

First VS Fashion Show: 2005

Career Highlight: Modeling a bikini made out of candy at the 2005 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Said Izabel, "I was like, Izabel, if you be a good girl, don't let anything fall out, and don't fall, you deserve to eat your outfit later on. And that's what I did. It was so sweet. It was delicious!"

Runway Essentials: So Sexy Hair Smoothing Shine Serum and Bare Bronze shimmering body oil

VS Faves: "I love Dream Angels Desire. It makes me feel so girlie and romantic. It's no wonder that it won the 2007 FiFi Fragrance of the year award!"

Model Behavior: Izabel works with hospitals in her native Brazil to raise money to provide free insulin for diabetic children in need. Supporting treatment and helping to find a cure for diabetes is a cause close to Izabel's heart.

Sexy Little Tidbits: During her first runway show, Izabel had a wardrobe malfunction! She recovered gracefully, and it only boosted her career. She's made guest appearances on various TV shows, and in a memorable moment on a late night show, she revealed her not-so-secret crush. When the host asked, "What kind of guy do you look for?" Izabel replied "You."


Biography from CBS

Miranda KerrAlessandra Ambrosio


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